See The Hollywood Sign By Horseback

Hi Friends,
This is Cash B. and a lot of you who have been getting my emails for a while know that one of my favorite things to do in LA is go Horse Back riding with my ol’horse Yazoo.

Funniest part is that I never, ever, even for a second thought about horses or riding them growing up. But then we ( got to work on the movie Seabiscuit. And just being around them got me curious.

Well, when I got back from Kentucky I rented a horse at Sunset Stables which is right under the Hollywood Sign, pretty cool. Soon I was riding/renting 3 or 4 times a week. So I thought it might be cheaper just buying one. Turned out to be one of the really funnest things I’ve ever done.

You would never think that there were so many horses and places to ride in and around LA. Griffith Park has probably 60 miles of hiking and horse trails winding through its mountains. You can rent a horse at one of the Stables below and ride by the Hollywood Sign, the Zoo, the Carousel, the newly remodeled Observatory, the Greek Theater, Burbank, the home of many film and tv studios, the Hollywood Sign, and the actual BAT CAVE from the Batman films. And my favorite, Mt. Hollywood.

Mount Hollywood is just one mountain over from the one where the Hollywood Sign (click link to the video) is. And just a bit taller. It’s about an hour’s horseback ride from Burbank’s Circle K Ranch or a half hour from Sunset Stables, (which is located right under the Hollywood Sign).

From Mt Hollywood you can see the Hollywood Sign right below you. Then on a clear day see 360 degrees in all directions… The Ocean, then Hollywood, then the Griffith Park Observatory, Downtown LA, Glendale, Burbank, Disney Studios, and Back to the Hollywood Sign.

Way Cool! And you got there on horseback. It’s common to have coyotes walk along with you for a while. As well as spotting hawks, owls and deer. Beginners who have never ridden are welcome.

Scores a thumbs up on the Romantic Scale as well. And on the 4th of July…WOW, what a view to watch ALL the fireworks displays everywhere in LA and further.

Sunset Stables also has an evening ride that leaves from under the Sign, goes past Mt. Hollywood and it’s views. Then you get to experience riding while the sun sets.

An hour or so later you tie up at a Burbank Mexican Cantina for dinner and Tequila.. Maybe 2 or 3 Tequila’s. Only thing is, then you’ve got to get yourself back up on the horse again…AND STAY THERE without falling over the other side. And then you get to head home experiencing LA under a night sky with the city lights below you while owls hoot in the trees above you.

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