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The TV Studio Show Schedule Page has upcoming live television tapings in Los Angeles. Best of all, there is no charge for your TV tickets! Whether you live here or you'll be visiting the area, TVTix hopes to make YOUR Hollywood experience a great one!

Los Angeles & New York Television Ticket information including:
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New York

TV Ticket Info

Current TV Show Info & Free TV Tickets

Live television show tapings are a great way to top-off anyone's Hollywood or New York experience. There's nothing like the excitement of being on set with Hollywood TV stars.

Just a few of our shows:

New York TV Show Tickets & Taping Schedules:

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The TV Studio Show Schedule Page has upcoming live television tapings in New York. Best of all, there is no charge for your TV tickets! Whether you live here or you'll be visiting the area, TVTix hopes to make YOUR New York experience a great one!

Los Angeles Show Info:

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Other New York TV Shows

Saturday Night Live, The People's Court, and Total Request Live are just a few examples of the many different types of live TV show tickets NY offers. Learn from Martha Stewart, get Emeril's newest recipe, or watch the hottest new musical acts live, you can do it all with a FREE tv ticket in NY. There is more variety in NY than anywhere else and the tv shows taped there are no different.

TV Shows

New York TV Talk Show Tickets

Whether it's seeing A-List Hollywood stars on the Tonight Show, movers and shakers in entertainment and politics with Bill Maher, common sense advice from Dr. Phil or the wit and relaxed atmosphere of The Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson, talk shows are fun and always informative.

New York TV Sitcom Tickets

Though many sitcoms are set in New York, very few actually tape there. Currently there are no available TV tickets to any sitcoms in New York because there are no sitcoms filming there at this time. The most recent sitcom that filmed in NY was Hope & Faith which was canceled in 2006.

TV Shows
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Hollywood Info:

Attractions, TV Studios, Adventures & Tours:

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TV & Film University

Award Shows

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  • Emmy Info
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  • And More...

Fan Sites

The Hollywood Experience

Contestant Info

Dead Show Cemetery

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Studio Tours For Information on Hollywood Studios and Studio Tours

Another fun thing to do is to take a tour of one of the legendary Hollywood studios. On a studio tour, you can get to see a lot of things that you might otherwise miss during your stay in L.A.

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Information on where you can find info and tv tickets for some of your favorite New York and Chicago shows.


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