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RKO - Radio Pictures

RKO – Radio started its trademark in 1929. William LeBaron, in charge of studio production, got the idea for the symbol that appears on letterheads, publicity and advertising matter. It is an inverted triangle, cut in two by a lightning flash, with the words “Radio Pictures” above. Marking the studio in Neon lights is the same insigne, six feet high; it was repeated on huge signboards on the Melrose street side of the building.

Ushering in every picture is the famous tower which, in emitting flashes of electric energy sends a message in the Morse code. The original symbol showed two towers but it was soon changed to one. The Morse code is a decidedly intriguing accompaniment because everyone would like to know what message it taps out. The transmitter taps out three “V’s” used as a test signal, then the words, “A Radio Picture,” then three more “V’s.” Anyone who has studied Morse will corroborate this statement, for the uninitiated the taps will have an added significance.

Films Produced by RKO Pictures

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