The Evolution of Studio Trademarks
RKO - Radio Pictures
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Films, and Leo the Lion
20th Century-Fox
Colombia Pictures
Universal Pictures
Warner Brothers
Studio Trademarks Now
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The Evolution of Studio Trademarks

Studio Logos

Introducing all moving pictures, before the cast is flashed on the screen and credits listed for the production staff, the studio trademark or symbol appears.

Most audiences are as familiar with Leo, the Metro-Goldwyn Mayer lion, as they are with Clark Gable or any other star.

The famous “stuttering tower” that marks the start of RKO-Radio pictures is another well-known and interesting screen landmark. Columbia’s flashing torch, held aloft, would signify a Columbia Pictures even if there were no words to title it as such.

Because of the familiarity of studio symbols it seems a good time to do a little research and thereby determine how and why the various motion pictures companies chose the insigne that distinguishes their particular productions.

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